Wednesday 22 October 2008

Don't Diss my Icon, Miss Jones

In today's Guardian Books Blog, ( ) Linda Jones suggests that Steffi McBride is a 'd-lister' celebrity - although she does admit Steffi is 'more interesting than your average airhead celebrity', which goes part of the way to ameliorate the dreadful slur.

Ms McBride is without question an icon and a national treasure, as anyone who has seen her YouTube performance on the website has been able to see with their own eyes. D-lister-indeed!

The level of entries pouring in for the 'celebrity short story' competition on Steffi’s website is further proof, if proof were needed, that the woman is a phenomenon of the celebrity world, an inspiration to talented young people the whole world over.

Don’t diss the girl, Miss Jones, she’s a true star, a soap-goddess and a heroine to boot.

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1 comment:

steffirocks said...

Hear hear! This is no way to treat someone of Steffi's status. She is more full of life than any of those Z-list reality stars. She won't take any of this lying down, I can tell you!