Thursday 25 September 2008

Why OJ should be very afraid of this author.

In the Daily Telegraph today an article by Cassandra Jardine is headlined “Why OJ should fear Ann Ming”.
Ann is the extraordinary woman who fought for 17 years to get the law of double jeopardy changed so that the man who was openly boasting in the pub about killing her daughter could be retried. Her courage, firstly in coping with being the one who found her own daughter’s body three months after her death and after a team of 29 police had failed, secondly in relentlessly pursuing a man who was known to be highly dangerous and thirdly in taking on the legal and political establishment, is the stuff of legend.
The book recounting this legend, which I was honoured to be able to help her write, called “For the Love of Julie”, is now out, and is a great testament to a great woman. OJ should indeed be looking over his shoulder at this redoubtable avenging angel.

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