Monday 27 October 2008

The Fabulous Trashionista

Why are there not more websites like It is such a simple and obvious idea; identify a sector of the book trade – women’s fiction in this case, or ‘chick-lit” if we are going to be patronising – and then create a really first rate website specifically aimed at that sector of the market.
Everyone is agreed that marketing books is a nightmare because of the amount of competitive noise in the marketplace and because of all the barriers to both purchase and consumption, (so much choice, so much time needed to read a book, so little money for the marketing budget, so many rival claims on customers’ attention etc etc), but here is an idea that is simple, obvious and enjoyable.
When ideas like this come along they seem so blindingly obvious you can’t imagine why no one thought of them before, (just like Amazon and the Richard and Judy Bookclub). Full credit to whoever thought up the concept and to all those involved in executing it so sharply. Let’s hope we will soon see similar sites springing up to serve all the other genres – anyone?

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