Wednesday 29 October 2008

“Sold” at Auction.

A signed copy of “Sold”, which I wrote for Zana Muhsen nearly twenty years ago has come up for auction at, the charity auction site that raises funds for children's charities by auctioning celebrity items and experiences.
“Sold” is something of an on-going publishing phenomenon. Despite the fact that I am only the ghost on the project, and despite the fact that the story happened in the late eighties, I still receive several emails a day from readers in different countries asking what has happened to Zana’s sister, Nadia, and their children since the ending of the book. Worldwide we must have sold close to five million copies now and it is still going strong in about twenty different markets, including the UK, and a dozen different languages.
There is something about this real life fairy tale, in which two young sisters from Birmingham think they are going on holiday to the Yemen, only to find when they get there that their father has sold them as child brides, that seems to catch readers’ imaginations and touch them deeply. It took their mother six years to find them in the bandit-ridden mountains and another two years to get Zana out. Nadia did not escape till many years later, when all their children were grown up.
So, I hope thousands of Zana and Nadia’s followers will be flocking to the brilliant site and bidding their hearts out for this signed copy of a book that many have told me is their favourite read of all time.


Helen P said...

Hi Andrew
I have been doing some research on ghost writing - having been approached by a 'local millionaire businessman' to write his biography. I have read your book and found it extremely useful but I'm still not confident that when I go for my third meeting apropos the book I will have the confidence to a) quote a good rate for the job and b)convince him that I am the best person to write the book, although I do have reason to believe I may be the only journalist in the running as he has just sacked the previous incumbent!
Any tips?

Kath McGurl said...

Just read Steffi McBride and wanted to pop by to say how much I enjoyed it! Am also reading your How to be a Ghostwriter though I will never be one myself. Just interested in how it all works.

1 said...
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Karina said...
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Karina said...

Hello from Denmark!

So, are you actually saying that Nadia is safe and in U.K now?
But most important: How is she??

How did she get out of Yemen? And what about her children? I've been wondering for SO many years now, but my latest inquiery (don't remember how to spell that) in the early 00's didn't give me any results.

Hope you can answer my questions!

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew,

was Karina right?
had Nadia escape from Yemen?
Hope you could answer our questions.

thanks and regards,


Unknown said...

Hi Andrew,
I'd like to know (true)news about Nadia..
Did Nadia come in Uk?
I write from Italy.
Thank you very much.


royal said...
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muhammadali said...

Hi andrew

i wanna have pdf of this such a nice novel

my mail . ID

thanks in advance