Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How the Fabulous Dreams of Melissa Bell Came True

Tomorrow sees the publication of Heart and Soul, a book I have helped Melissa Bell to write.

Melissa is a singer, a kidney dialysis patient and campaigner, and the mother of X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

The story takes flight when, as a shy, plump ten year-old, Melissa sees Lena Zavaroni winning Opportunity Knocks and dreams of one day doing the same herself.

Many years later she gets to see her daughter become an overnight star and fulfil all the dreams she herself was chasing so passionately, but by that time she is confined to a kidney dialysis machine for a large part of her life.

It is a story that anyone who has dreamed of being a star, or who has harboured wild ambitions for their children, will understand.

Heart and Soul is being published by John Blake.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Blogaire said...

I have just finished reading 'A Promose To Nadia'. It a fascinating but heartbreaking story and after I put the book down I started trawling the internet looking for any recent developments - (for a happy ending perhaps) but could find nothing. Maybe you can help? Is there a website or organization?