Monday, 3 October 2011

Authors Stripped Naked

Intrepid authors are now heading into the future alone, stripped of our protective layers of literary agents, editorial and publicity departments, (deprived also of the joys of rejection letters and remainders piles and saved from the jaws of the pulping machines).

Self publishing and electronic publishing are the future and Alison Baverstock – possibly our nation’s greatest living authority on the worlds of writing and publishing - has created a survival guide for us all in her new book The Naked Author, (published this week, ironically, by A&C Black, a particularly distinguished member of the old style of publishing houses).

I have seen the great Baverstock in action in both the lecture halls of Academe and amongst the denizens of the Society of Authors and the idea of her marching, naked and brave, into the future is a fine one indeed. She is our Lady Godiva. Where Jamie Oliver led, Baverstock will follow, where he opened up the secrets of cooking to everyman, she promises to do the same for publishing.

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The Naked Author: a guide to self-publishing

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Lesley Cookman said...

I'm sharing an issue of Writers' Forum with Alison this month and heartily agree with everything she says - mind you, I always did! I'm currently trying to persuade my son to go this route as even after hugely encouraging feedback from people in the business, he's still getting rejections. I shall point him in your direction and buy him Alison's book. Lesley x